October 30, 2020

3 Idiots

Title: iii Idiots
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Mona Singh

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Synopsis iii Idiots 2009 Hindi Movie
Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days as well as remember the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, fifty-fifty equally the residuum of the basis called them “idiots”.

My views
Whatever the occupation mightiness live inwards life is… only tell to yourself ‘Aal Izz Well Aal Izz Well‘.. This wont solve your problems but it volition laissez passer on the courage to aspect upward it.” Chase Excellence as well as success volition follow”. ” Life is non close getting marks, grades but chasing your dreams”. These are the golden rules which iii IDIOTS teaches you lot inwards a really low-cal as well as entertaining way. The motion-picture demo makes you lot express joy as well as inwards the procedure you lot larn many golden rules which tin laissez passer on the sack modification your life inwards a big manner. The motion-picture demo reflects Sian instruction as well as a must encounter motion-picture demo who are into engineer. This motion-picture demo is incredible inspiring,especially for those who are struggling to hold upward inwards high schools as well as colleges. Serious sometimes working difficult doesn’t pay off, i has to live human action smart. If you lot sense an poverty life inwards Asia, you lot volition sympathise what a pregnant business office the higher educations play inwards their lives. Burdening peachy pressure level from identify unit of measurement as well as society, they attach peachy expectation as well as significance to the enrollment of colleges,and they think to abandon poverty yesteryear getting higher education. For them grade way a lot as well as pressurize the student. Through every comedic scene, through every representative of dramatic despair, emotionally live moment, suspenseful setup, to a lovely, heartfelt conclusion, iii Idiots is a wonderful, invaluable endeavour inwards the basis of cinema. Its variety are awesomely plumbing equipment for their roles, assisted yesteryear a script as well as thence human as well as truthful to life that it is honestly difficult to believe, as well as captured through beautifully live cinematography to collectively laissez passer on us a beautiful bundle non only inwards the figurative sense. Last scene is from Ladakh as well as wherever you lot are delight see that place. It’s an must lookout adult man motion-picture demo for immature teens too equally parents. Enjoy 🙂


  • Acting/Cast: 9
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds:8
  • Overall: 8.5