October 23, 2020

Chronicles Of Evil

Title: Chronicles of Evil Ak-ui yeon-dae-gi“(Original Title)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis Chronicles of Evil 2015 Korean Movie
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 decorated detective involved inward a taxi driver’s expiry realizes he is caught inward a trap too must untangle past times mistakes to figure out why he was targeted inward the starting fourth dimension place.

My views 

The storey follows with  the inspector Choi kills his attacker. To avoid making a spur simply earlier his promotion, he decides to shroud the accident. However, the side past times side solar daytime the trunk was constitute hanging from a crane at the sight of all. The plot is somewhat related to ‘A Hard Day’. Two storey volition progress inward parallel, 1 where inspector Choi volition endeavour to comprehend his tracks past times observing the constabulary squad investigating the case, how they constitute the clues, when he makes disappear proof or videotapes; too at the same fourth dimension he volition endeavour to let on the existent culprit, the 1 who pulls the strings from the shadows. The storey does non await too nosotros are speedily thrown in, next the scheming too site, all amongst a really practiced tension. We follow the investigation too part amongst the Pb every  discoveries of traces too clues, revelations,while the stresses mounts, too nosotros experience what he feels.The movie  focus is mainly on Choi too I experience that approximately scenes on the cinema are messy too editing made each plans a fleck likewise curt but overall a pleasant criminal offense thriller to see.


  • Acting/Cast: 7
  • Story: 7
  • Music/Sounds:7
  • Overall: 7