October 19, 2020

Dark Water

Title: Dark Water “Honogurai mizu no soko kara” (original title)
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
Cast: Hitomi Kuroki, Rio Kanno, Mirei Oguchi

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Synopsis Dark Water 2002 Japanese Movie
H5N1 woman nurture in addition to her half dozen yr quondam immature adult woman deed into a creepy storey whose every surface is permeated yesteryear water.

My views
 Dark Water uses like technique every bit moving painting “Ringu” only is i of the creepiest Japanese horror movie. H5N1 nervous mother,undergoing divorce proceedings,moves into an storey edifice that is haunted yesteryear a immature girl,who disappeared years earlier.This moving painting is an perfect horror film. It is based loosely on a new yesteryear Koji Suzuki, in addition to hence fans of “Ringu” won’t live on disappointed. technique is to imply terror yesteryear suggestion,rather than the overuse of exceptional effects.He perfectly captures an atmosphere of uncontrollable fear. Prepare for unopen to scare 0_0


  • Acting/Cast: 7
  • Story: 7
  • Music/Sounds:7
  • Overall: 7