October 22, 2020

Deool Band

Title: Deool Band
Genre:  Drama
Director:  ,
Cast:  , ,   

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Synopsis Deool Band 2015 Marāthi Movie
doctor Raghav Shastri, Indian past times origin, is NASA’s youngest scientist. He returns to his motherland, alone to notice out that his province is amount of god worshipers. However, Raghav is non i of them. He challenges the being of god together with orders the locality to nigh the temple inside the premises. But inward a twist of fate, god himself descends together with questions the atheist. Will Raghav lastly believe inward god?

My views
doctor Raghav Shastri is a logical someone who believes inward scientific discipline together with fact; an atheist who is completely against spirituality. What happens when the things that he hates the most- God, blind organized faith together with especially, Swami Samarth- all drib dead a purpose of his daily life? Things drib dead for a toss when he starts seeing Swami Samarth inward existent life! H5N1 witty, hilarious together with modern version of the Swami completely changes Raghav’s life! Thus starts the journeying of a human being who railroad train out to notice answers. Every histrion has done a vivid job, together with if yous request a argue to firstly believing inward God, this Marāthi celluloid could live it!


  • Acting/Cast: 7.5
  • Story: 7
  • Music/Sounds:7
  • Overall:7.2