October 29, 2020

Don’t Breathe

Title: Don’t Breathe
Genre: Crime, Horror, Thriller
Cast:  , ,

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Synopsis Don’t Breathe 2016 Hollywood Movie
Hoping to walk away alongside a massive fortune, a trio of thieves interruption into the identify of a blind homo who isn’t equally helpless equally he seems.

My views
The even out begins alongside a grouping of teens looking out for an fortune past times breaking into a blind man’s identify to bag his coin entirely to notice that former homo is to a greater extent than virtuoso than they realize.The setup of the cinema is footling also rambler only equally the even out starts, it doesn’t allow you lot downwardly alongside its tense, nail-biting situation. ‘Don’t Breathe’ is commencement cinema inwards 3 years too he provides his ain unique vision that genuinely makes the cinema of its ain relying less on dialogues too to a greater extent than on audio too visual storytelling to get the show. The cast is corking also although , who I felt was footling stilted, making her grapheme a footling flake unlikable. However, it is Stephen Lang who is the film’s shining superstar. As the enemy inwards the movi, Lang is right away frightening too memorable, an intimidating strength that permeates throughout the cinema fifty-fifty inwards scenes without his presence. Don’t Breathe is a technical achievement, the rare studio cinema that real pushes what cinema tin usage equally a medium. Do lookout adult man it straight without watching it’s trailer equally it gives out a lot.


  • Acting/Cast: 8
  • Story: 7.5
  • Music/Sounds: 8
  • Overall: 7.8