October 20, 2020

Elizabeth Ekadashi

Title: Elizabeth Ekadashi
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family
Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis Elizabeth Ekadashi 2014 Marāthi Movie
Dnyanesh in addition to Mukta, 2 immature siblings, alive a pitiable life alongside their mother. Things accept a plow when their woman rear decides to sell Dnyanesh’s favourite bike inwards club to leave of absence merely about money.

My views
This painting exhibit volition give y’all a experience of watching Majid Majidi movies. Its a uncomplicated even of children trying to protect their ‘Elizabeth’ inwards times when household unit of measurement is inwards fiscal troubles. Mom is a widow, in addition to she runs the solid on a handloom, which the depository fiscal establishment takes away in addition to they at 1 time conduct maintain to pay dorsum a amount of 5 M rupees. How volition she deal it, specially when the children are in addition to then clinging on to dearest Elizabeth? Though the even is centered on the fiscal crisis of a pitiable household unit of measurement , at that spot is absolutely no unnecessary melodrama here. Mother fights her agency relentlessly alongside no breakdowns, all the same makes us experience her pain. The cinema is all virtually the kids, Nyana, his cute piddling sister, ganya in addition to other friends. They all conduct maintain position upwards fantastic performances. The spirited streets of Pandharpur are a visual delight. In conclusion, this has to hold upwards 1 of the finest Marāthi cinema of this year. Definitely non to hold upwards missed!


  • Acting/Cast: 8.5
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds:8
  • Overall:8