October 20, 2020


Title: Flu “Gamgi” (original title)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis Montage 2013 Korean Movie
Chaos ensues when a lethal, airborne virus infects the population of a South Korean metropolis less than xx kilometers from Seoul.

My views
The offset that The Flu is the Korean version of pic Contagion, that intense thriller directed past times Steven Soderbergh which realistically depicted the evolution of an outbreak inward the United States. Fortunately, The Flu isn’t a unproblematic copy, simply an (unofficial) adaptation amongst practiced performances as well as enterprise administration which puts us inward the middle of the action, the drama as well as the stretchers. The pic kept me entertained focusing on a grouping of characters illustration of the genre: the noble physician who has a powerful personal motivation to discovery the cure; the altruistic hero gear upward to sacrifice everything for the people he has an affection for; the inefficient politicians who endlessly beak over the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of persons to salvage millions; inward summary, all the necessary ingredients inward social club to arrive at entertaining levels of drama, tension as well as urban devastation. The pic isn’t a real master copy or memorable film, simply I mean value it deserves a moderate recommendation because it managed to piece of job along me interested.


  • Acting/Cast: 6
  • Story:6
  • Music/Sounds:6
  • Overall: 6