October 22, 2020

Hear Me – Taiwanese Painting – 2009 – Review

Title: Hear Me “Ting shuo” (original title)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Cast: Eddie Peng, Yi Han Chen, Michelle Chen

Watch sum moving-picture present here 

Synopsis Hear Me 2009 Taiwanese Movie
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 delivery Boy falls for a immature daughter who is hearing impaired. Comparing themselves amongst “water birds” too trees, together they are going to interruption the barrier too pursue their dreams too convey their human relationship to the side yesteryear side level.

My views
I only adore this moving-picture present too thus much *-* It’s an spell-binding movie.”Hear Me” teaches how to larn through all the boundaries too speaks alone from our heart. It is a story of a repast box delivery boy, Tian Kuo, who falls In beloved amongst hearing impaired daughter named Yang Yang. Without difficulty, both of them could communicate good through the purpose of sign language. The story likewise revolves on Yang Yang’s sister, Xiao Peng, who is deaf too hearing impaired every bit well. This cinema volition sure brand y’all express joy too squall fifty-fifty at the same time. The connector betwixt each too every variety is superb too y’all tin meet emotions inward each too every activity they play. The cinema teaches us that nosotros should non expect downwardly amongst disabled people but rather cause got them for who they are. Disabilities are non an hindrance for us to beloved a person.Overall it’s an cute dramatic beloved story too I am certain y’all volition Hear Them.


  • Acting/Cast: 9
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds:8
  • Overall: 8