October 22, 2020

Hello Stranger

Title: Hello Stranger “Kuan meun ho” (original title)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Cast:   ,

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Synopsis Hello Stranger 2010 Thai Movie
During the Songkran festival a human being together with a adult woman come across together with destination upwardly going dwelling together.

My views
Korean followers are gonna dearest this motion painting every bit this Thai romantic comedy is fix inwards South Korea. You would hold upwardly duly entertained yesteryear this fluffy romantic comedy. The motion painting doesn’t get to hold upwardly anything else rather than the romantic comedy together with from my indicate of thought that what the motion painting deliver best. The motion painting consist some consistence witted humors, together with some of the scene that volition brand your oculus watery from the foremost to the end.With Korean civilization on the rising (popularity of Korean cultures, series, movie, K-pop singers etc on immature people on other countries) this motion painting came just at the correct time. It volition genuinely assistance if you lot sentry a lot of Korean Series, together with thus you lot volition know what they are talking about. Standing amidst the extensive humor, fun, together with melodrama, i gets genuinely influenced to friction match desires to see Republic of Korea alongside a prominent characteristic of South Korean civilization together with her scenic urban cityscape together with snowfall scape. “Hello Stranger” is a beautiful movie, together with it is good worth a sentry if you lot bask Asian motion painting home together with wishing to convey a interruption from horror together with martial arts, which tends to hold upwardly the principal focus when thinking of Asian cinema. If you lot are bored together with looking for an amusement flick, this is the i for you.


  • Acting/Cast: 9
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds:8
  • Overall: 8