October 26, 2020

La La Land

Title: La La Land
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Cast:  ,   

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Synopsis La La Land 2016 Hollywood Movie
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress inwards Los Angeles.

My views

Director Chazelle, who already had a overnice career going for him, explodes into the Big-time alongside this mesmerizing, delightful, in addition to completely unexpected ode to Tinseltown. He proves even in addition to then i time again simply how mature he is for such a immature filmmaker, writing in addition to directing such a touching in addition to oftentimes funny honey floor alongside a meticulous energy. The whole experience of the cinema is a throwback to the golden historic menstruum of musicals, a conclusion a lot of filmmakers would bring been equally good scared to brand even in addition to then the pay off is massively satisfying. Ryan is surprising equally a leading human being expected to practice vocal in addition to dance, but he delivers the goods. Emma, who was supposed to last “the adjacent big thing” later Easy A, steals the cinema in addition to mayhap the hearts of the audience equally well.  The brace part an undeniable chemical scientific discipline in addition to I would honey to run into them both larn the recognition they deserve come upward awards season. The cinema is ultimately everything it had the potential to last – an unashamedly romantic musical, infused non entirely alongside bang-up vocal in addition to trip the lite fantastic toe numbers but alongside intense emotion in addition to charisma from Ryan/Emma, wonderful visuals in addition to a unique pacing in addition to tension from Chazelle.


  • Acting/Cast: 7.5
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds: 9
  • Overall: 8