October 20, 2020

Like For Likes

Title: Like for Likes “Joa-haejo”(Original Title)
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis Like for Likes 2016 Korean Movie
H5N1 notoriously shrewish TV drama author together with a Korean moving ridge star who contend similar cats together with dogs every fourth dimension they meet; a spinster flying attendant landlady together with a nosy chef tenant who cook a feel of camaraderie; a genius relationship-virgin composer who harbors a cloak-and-dagger admiration for a scatterbrained producer. As they cash-land into each others’ lives, volition at that topographic point live on love?

My views 

In this footing alongside recent social media is modern honey fifty-fifty possible without Facebook? Certainly non inwards the predictable simply diverting South Korean rom-com ‘Like for Likes’. The motion-picture demo is nearly three couples whose relationship’s are defined past times social media every bit tin live on seen inwards the poster. H5N1 South Korean all-star shape appears inwards overlapping tales of  unmarried adults who could live on happy if exclusively they’d larn over each other.

1)  plays a international superstar who finds out that the TV producer  who discovered him got pregnant, together with had a son, later their one-night stand. When the latter keeps Yoo’s graphic symbol at a distance, he madly tries to detect a means into her life.

2)  The most delightful twosome is the odd-couple mismatch of a flying attendant together with a nutrient chef. The chef obsessively prepares his companion for spousal human relationship to about other –  a mask, of course, for his ain suppressed longing.

3) H5N1 deaf composer Kang Ha-neul tries to shroud his disability from an adorable novel girlfriend, leading to diverse complications together with trust.

These couples are linked inwards diverse ways inwards the motion-picture demo leading to desperate tries for existent love. 


  • Acting/Cast: 7
  • Story: 7
  • Music/Sounds:7
  • Overall: 7