October 21, 2020

Love Exposure

Title: Love Exposure “Ai no mukidashi” (original title)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Denden, Asuka Kurosawa

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Synopsis Love Exposure 2008 Japanese Movie
Three emotionally abused people from the fringes of club larn locked inward a convoluted beloved triangle. Yuu, a Catholic man child searching for truthful beloved ends upwardly taking erotic photographs of women inward world until he discovers Yoko, whom he sees every bit his Virgin Mary. Yoko, an antifamily, misandristic daughter finds that her foster woman raise volition hold out marrying Yuu’s father. Koike, an “original sinner”, coordinates a conception to convert Yuu’s identify unit of measurement to her cult. Under her careful direction, their lives come upwardly crashing together inward i fateful street fight.

My views
Love Exposure gained a considerable sum of notoriety inward cinema festivals roughly the globe for its four-hour duration as well as themes including love, family, lust, religion as well as the fine art of up-skirt photography. The best of iv hours motion painting I cause got e’er seen. Every scene made me grinning as well as every grapheme made me experience as well as thence much for them. The length was needed to outline the characters’ stories, it was actually entertaining to encounter how they developed as well as connected through its iv hours as well as it never gets drag away. The motion painting has got all the elements that a adept motion painting should consist of; perfect plot, stunning music, touching end. H5N1 romance inward a stupid world. is actually genius. He showed us how a motion painting tin flame cause got audiences to an amazing ride to remember. This is i of the best movies I cause got watched. Watch it, you lot volition definitely hold out moved. This is an must encounter for Asian lovers.


  • Acting/Cast: 8
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds:8
  • Overall: 8