October 29, 2020

Man On The Edge

Title: Man On The Edge “Bak-su-geon-dal” (original title)
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis Man On The Edge 2013 Korean Movie
H5N1 gangster is chosen to larn a shaman. How tin he residual his totally contrary life, betwixt beating people as well as helping people. Then, his boss coincidentally hates shaman.

My views
As said yesteryear Jeff, “Man on a Ledge” is non a cinema that volition alter the means nosotros await at thrillers, exactly it is a cinema that has plenty thrills to supply for a rattling entertaining ride. The pic is like to “Hello Ghost”.  equally the tough gangster Gwang-ho who realizes his mightiness to run across as well as utter to the dead was rattling funny specially equally his alter-ego, the veiled shaman. His interactions amongst the trivial girl, Soo Min were cute equally she tried desperately to communicate to her mother, Mi-Sook through Gwang-ho. Bo-sal, the shaman trainer as well as Gwang-ho archenemy, Tae-joo, definitely added to a greater extent than sense of humor to this movie. Overall, a decent pic to sentry amongst non besides much violence exactly definitely a lot of laughs.


  • Acting/Cast: 7
  • Story:6
  • Music/Sounds:6
  • Overall: 6.5