October 27, 2020


Title: Natsamrat
Genre: Drama, Family
Cast:  , ,  

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Synopsis Natsamrat 2016 Marāthi Movie
After he retires, an aging home piece of occupation instrumentalist together with his married adult woman start out to experience unwanted yesteryear their children.

My views
Natsamrat is the respond to what Marāthi moving painting home tin do. delivers a stellar surgical physical care for though falters inwards the parts he is gripped amongst alcohol. This moving painting is a mixture of all emotions – love,sadness,anger,trust,surprise, etc. It perfectly balances together with shows the happy together with misfortunate moments inwards life alternately together with surprises the audience all the times together with Shakespeare’s industrial plant were created involvement inwards me. Natsamrat portrayed yesteryear Nana is a celebrated veteran Shakespearean home artiste who is struggling to negotiate amongst the harsh realities of life 1 time his fame begins to fade away. The cinema deals amongst an actor’s confusion of the whole ‘To Be or Not To Be’ enquiry which life poses earlier him afterwards his glory fades. It nonetheless echoed inwards mind. It resembles the tragic ends of Shakespeare dramas. Nana has portrayed this grapheme amongst such a proficiency that you lot larn out the moving painting home hall amongst a reverence to the phenomenon called Nana Patekar!


  • Acting/Cast: 10
  • Story: 9
  • Music/Sounds:9
  • Overall: 9