October 23, 2020

Night Flight

Title: Night Flight “Ya-gan-bi-haeng” (original title)
Genre: Action, Drama
Cast:  , ,

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Synopsis Night Flight 2014 Korean Movie
Three teenagers grow apart when they give high school. When 1 of the teens betrays his friend, all 3 are driven to catastrophe.

My views
Night Flight is the cinema from manager . The cinema is a bold in addition to beautiful honey missive of the alphabet to all South Korean adolescents struggling to notice their place, specially those inwards a minority such every 2nd in addition to .  The boys’ issues inside the film, including ragging, are brushed off every 2nd irrelevant every 2nd they are reminded the alone finish that is of import is academic achievement. What is presented in Night Flight is effortless agency captured through graceful camerawork every 2nd nosotros follow these 2 lost youths who wonder curiously throughout the fringes of the city. Despite feeling ostracized in addition to excluded both characters gaze into the dimming sunlight amongst promise for their uncertain in addition to fading future. Both atomic number 82 actors are engaging in addition to serve upward a believable, poetic in addition to company surgical physical care for that reeks of hereafter potential. Yet such a cinema should survive held every 2nd a non bad achievement, every 2nd at that topographic point volition survive many immature lost adolescents able to notice the comfort in addition to guidance they may assay from actor’s captivating in addition to intimate tale of beingness inwards a minority inwards South Korea.


  • Acting/Cast: 7
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds:7
  • Overall: 7.5