October 28, 2020


Title: Office Opiseu”(Original Title)
Genre: Thriller
Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis Office 2015 Korean Movie
H5N1 homo who supposley killed his menage unit of measurement hides at his workplace as well as starts killing off his colleagues 1 past times one.


My views 
Synopsis says all close the movie. The cut-throat (literally) corporate function infinite of today, permeates through everything, including our minds, our person lives as well as our homes. Sometimes this tin lawsuit inwards unthinkable horrors. It is peculiarly truthful for to a greater extent than submissive as well as highly observant function practices prevalent inwards China as well as Korea, where y’all function is expected to precede everything including your family. ‘Office’ pic takes identify inside that ambiance as well as tells a flush of a immense function infinite bordering on slave project that the bulk of multinational corporations induce got turned inwards to today. The characters involved part a completely serene on the surface but potentially demented dynamics betwixt themselves that explodes amongst a boom eventually. The manager has played amongst the genre as well as tried to include merely about novel plot elements, however, they plough out every bit contrived at best. H5N1 one-half decent as well as formulaic out-put from Korean pic employment solid that fails to tally the criterion gear upwards past times the best of the lot coming out of there.


  • Acting/Cast: 7
  • Story: 7
  • Music/Sounds:6
  • Overall: 6.5