October 22, 2020


Title: Persepolis “Avaze gonjeshk-ha” (original title)
Genre: Animation, Biography, Drama                                    
Directors: ,
Cast:   Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve, Gena Rowlands

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Synopsis Persepolis 2007 Iranian Movie
Poignant coming-of-age even out of a precocious as well as outspoken immature Iranian daughter that begins during the Islamic Revolution.

My views
Persepolis has an whole novel sort of animation i.e. inwards dark as well as white as well as it’s an autobiographical almost growing upwards inwards Islamic Republic of Iran during the reign of the Shah as well as later, the Islamists. It tells the even out of a immature daughter growing upwards inwards Islamic Republic of Iran or as well as thus the fourth dimension of the Islamic Revolution. does a cracking undertaking of bringing her even out to life as well as drawing the viewer into her what it was to grow upwards during a fourth dimension of political revolution. Using a unlike mode of animation, that closely follows the mode of the graphic books, the viewers are pulled into a basis that is much unlike than the basis they are used to. Overall I actually enjoyed the cinema as well as it is 1 that I may eventually desire to run across again. ‘Persepolis’ received rave reviews inwards French Republic as well as shared the Cannes festival Jury Prize amongst Carlos Reygadas’ ‘Silent Light.’ It premiered inwards the the United States of America at the New York Film Festival as well as opened inwards some the United States of America theaters on Christmas Day.


  • Acting/Cast: 8
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds:8
  • Overall: 8