October 25, 2020

Raise The Reddish Lantern

Title: Raise the Red Lantern
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Cast:  , ,

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Synopsis Raise the Red Lantern 1991 Mandarin Movie
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 miss becomes the quaternary married adult woman of a wealthy lord, together with must acquire to alive amongst the strict rules together with tensions inside the household.

My views
Every frame of this cinema explodes amongst splendid acting, cinematography, music together with fine art direction. This is yesteryear no means, an fine art cinema this is a human film, spell asset an ethnic background these people portrayed inwards the cinema are all of us together with is in all likelihood what nosotros would telephone phone a fable on the cruelty of humanity. This is inwards my opinion, Zhang Yimou’s greatest film, it is a triumph inwards cinema shape together with narrative. The haunting sounds of flutes, a pregnant visual together with well chemical ingredient that has a mythical character due to it’s importance to Song Lian together with becomes an unattainable detail of the gods when it is removed from beingness when it is burned, becoming a tragic reminder on the attempts to rhythm the personalities of non alone Song Lian only all of the concubines. Slow-paced, it ingratiates itself amongst you, drawing you lot inwards deeper together with deeper. Long afterwards you lot accept finished your post service cinema analysis, the lite from the cerise lanterns volition nevertheless endure searing inwards your eyes.


  • Acting/Cast: 8
  • Story: 9
  • Music/Sounds: 8
  • Overall: 8.2