October 25, 2020


Title: Room
Genre: Drama
Cast: , ,  

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Synopsis Room 2015 Hollywood Movie
H5N1 immature man child is raised within the confines of a pocket-size shed.

My views
This pic is based on Emma Donoghue’s mass ‘Room’. “Room” shares the innocent perspective of a 5 twelvemonth one-time named Jack who is led to believe yesteryear his woman parent that life consists of beingness within a tiny room forever. We tin relate this pic amongst ‘Life Is Beautiful’ together with ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ because inwards all this titles nosotros encounter a immature human amongst such an innocent perspective together with big imagination that somehow softens the vicious reality yesteryear tricking the hear together with distorting what is genuinely happening. The pic every bit good shows the psychology of both of the master copy characters later on living through a traumatic experience. Jack non beingness able to walk upstairs since he had never done it earlier inwards Room is i example. This pic made me experience grateful nigh my life because you lot instruct to encounter Jack together with his woman parent happy later on all. Towards the ending of the pic Jack says  ‘Since Mama together with I don’t know what nosotros like, nosotros decided nosotros are going to endeavor everything’. That’s my favorite business office of the pic because it agency Jack is in conclusion develop to opened upward himself upward together with live on a business office of the big world. Watch if you lot taste drama.


  • Acting/Cast: 8.5
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds: 7
  • Overall: 8