October 29, 2020


Title: Sairat
Genre: Drama, Romance
Cast:  , ,  

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Synopsis Sairat 2016 Marāthi Movie
In interior Maharashtra, a fisherman’s boy in addition to a local politician’s missy autumn inwards honey against the restrictions of caste hierarchy.

My views
This painting is nearly a man child in addition to a missy who falls inwards honey – a man child is from i caste(low) in addition to a missy from closed to other caste(upper). Problem rises betwixt them because the fusion of dissimilar castes is non allowed inwards India. What just caste is? It is naught merely forge agency of dividing a population into a “caste”. The binding of dissimilar castes equally I said is non allowed in addition to it is the religion that supports this notion.

To the people who accept no thought of how caste organization plant – endure it people who alive inwards Bharat or alive exterior of Bharat accept to think this alone – It is this – Caste System plant inwards 2 forms – In its preserving form, it makes intermarriage i.e. marriage to a someone belonging to a tribe or grouping other than your ain equally required yesteryear custom or law in addition to when caste switches to its religious form, it makes unapproachable prevailing inwards modern times. Movie does accept amazing vocal alongside meaningful lyrics..

Rest, the cinema volition exercise the talking!


  • Acting/Cast: 9
  • Story: 9
  • Music/Sounds:9.5
  • Overall: 9.2