October 14, 2020

Secretly, Greatly

Title: Secretly, Greatly “Eun-mil-ha-gae eui-dae-ha-gae” (original title)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis Secretly, Greatly 2013 Korean Movie
Three elite North Korean sleeper agents alive nether encompass for thence long that they believe their encompass stories are their existent identities. They are shocked when they are ordered to kill i about other or human face upward piece of employment past times at the hands of an elite hitting team.

My views
Secretly, Greatly tells a storey of 3 immature man, trained to hold upward killing machines, sent to Republic of Korea every bit spies together with assimilate into the local society. While they facial expression farther teaching from the party, they forge a friendship alongside the local community. The pic is a profoundly powerful alongside comedy together with action. I laughed together with and then i cried, the pic has it all.  The commencement one-half was truly comical together with light, where the 2nd accept grew darker, to a greater extent than violent, together with thence sad. I’m non a fan of violence inwards films, only it was integral to the storey thence it was inevitably used here. The strangely interesting affair is that every bit the pic got darker together with to a greater extent than intense, it likewise got to a greater extent than personal. I am certain that if this pic were made inwards America, it would win many Oscars. Of course of teaching together with then it wouldn’t hold upward the same movie. I promise it at to the lowest degree comes upward every bit a best unusual celluloid nominee. I highly recommend this wonderful movie!


  • Acting/Cast: 7
  • Story: 7
  • Music/Sounds:7
  • Overall: 7