October 15, 2020


Title: Shwaas
Genre: Drama
Cast:  , ,  

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Synopsis Shwaas 2004 Marāthi Movie
This storey is well-nigh how an former human being tried to demo his grandson the preciousness too beauty of life inwards a no win province of affairs such every bit cancer. It is well-nigh keeping a positive mental attitude towards life.

My views
The painting demo is well-nigh grandad who came from Pune to process child’s eyes who has cancer inwards both eyes too that they bring to endure removed to salvage the child’s life. The celluloid is all well-nigh the primary characters’ too their feelings too actions until the operation. But towering inwards a higher house all is every bit the grandfather. He is impressive inwards his role. Mere words cannot depict his move inwards the film. It is a performance to cherish forever. Shwaas traverse the human relationship betwixt a grandparent too a child. And it does consummate judge to this potent bond. Dialogues similar ‘mazha parsha pan laakhat ek aahe'(My Parsha is besides 1 inwards a million) heighten the emotion. Anyone who has closely observed the grandparent – kid human relationship volition endure able to relate to the province of affairs portrayed inwards the movie. “Shwaas” is a sincere endeavour to brand skillful cinema.


  • Acting/Cast: 9
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds:8
  • Overall:8.5