October 21, 2020

The Fatal Encounter

Title: The Fatal Encounter “Yeok-rin” (original title)
Genre: Action, Drama
Cast:  , ,

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Synopsis The Fatal Encounter 2014 Korean Movie
King Jeongjo (Hyun-Bin) attempts to protect his imperial powers from the conflict of 2 factions: Noron in addition to Soron.

My views
The fatal come across is the fast-paced historical drama motion-picture exhibit which takes house during the Joseon Dynasty. The motion-picture exhibit revolves or in addition to hence a King, spies, assassins, treason in addition to beloved affairs. And for the almost business office it’s genuinely blended inward quite well. The twist in addition to turns genuinely makes this i quite immersive, despite some of the twist beingness quite predictable in addition to all. My i primary disappointment is how sure enough characters in addition to storey construction builds upwardly in addition to at the end, it merely seems to autumn brusk alongside it’s development. In some other words, the practiced construct upwardly seemed a chip disappointing, because of the weak ending that merely felt a chip abrupt. It’s a motion-picture exhibit that is worth the attending though.


  • Acting/Cast: 7
  • Story: 7
  • Music/Sounds:7
  • Overall: 7