October 20, 2020

The Silenced

Title: The Silenced “Gyeongseonghakyoo: Sarajin Sonyeodeul“(Original Title)
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis The Silenced 2015 Korean Movie
H5N1 daughter is transferred to a mysterious boarding school, where she is forced to notice its secrets to survive.

My views 
‘The Silenced’ is well-nigh a teenage daughter transferred to mysterious boarding schoolhouse where several students accept gone missing. It is an inwards a higher house average motion painting amongst a mystery in addition to drama into it along amongst small-scale horror elements.  This cinema convinces amongst a mysterious in addition to slightly dim atmosphere from get-go to finish. This is due to the fascinating settings including a surreptitious room inwards the basement, the isolated boarding schoolhouse itself in addition to an former wood amongst a mysterious pond. Another winning chemical constituent are the few in addition to cleverly integrated horror parts consisting of foreign emotional outbursts of several characters, the protagonist’s continuous nightmares in addition to visions in addition to the emotionally in addition to physically harsh conclusion. The motion painting doesn’t accept whatever detail lengths in addition to develops a coherent time period that is slightly dull inwards the opening xv minutes, keeps a regular stride most of the fourth dimension in addition to ends upwards beingness a lilliputian flake faster inwards the concluding xv minutes. Plot is predictable exactly an entertaining motion painting for a lazy tumble or wintertime black at dwelling in addition to zilch more.


  • Acting/Cast: 7.5
  • Story: 7.5
  • Music/Sounds:7
  • Overall: 7.5