October 21, 2020

The Truth Beneath

Title: The Truth Beneath Bimileun Eopda”(Original Title)
Genre: Thriller

Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis The Truth Beneath 2016 Korean Movie
THE TRUTH BENEATH follows a mysterious 15-day scandal of a political leader in addition to his married adult woman equally their miss goes missing simply earlier the national elections.

My views 

 Jong-chan  in addition to his married adult woman Yeon-hong are fully committed to the produce where He simply got nominated in addition to when their teenager miss Min-jin goes missing, Jong-chan convinces Yeon-hong non to notify the regime fearing populace rejection. Yeon-hong decides to await for her daughter, but instead  discovers… “The Truth Beneath”. Rather than paying unopen attending to relationships inside the domain of a political shape that is largely dominated past times men, the cinema focuses on a woman individual Pb role, bringing to lite the affect political ambition tin sack accept on a family, inwards this illustration a mother/wife in addition to daughter, making Jong-chan’s commitment non exclusively meaningless but wholly self-righteous. Starting out equally a caring in addition to supporting wife, impressively embodies Yeon-hong’s chemical compound changes of  personality in addition to emotion equally she learns to a greater extent than close her husband. Kim Joo-hyuk in addition to the residual of the cast all deliver rigid performances, but it is Son that sparkle, in addition to she has never been better.


  • Acting/Cast: 7
  • Story: 7
  • Music/Sounds:7
  • Overall: 7