October 20, 2020


Title: Timepass
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Cast:    , ,

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Synopsis Timepass 2014 Marāthi Movie
H5N1 mischievous teen wants to learn a lesson to a human being past times making his immature adult woman his girlfriend.

My views
An outstanding pic from the Director of ‘Natarang’ together with ‘Balak Palak’. TP is a storey of mischievous pitiful teen who decided to learn lesson to a human being past times hitting on his immature adult woman together with woo her amongst the back upwards of his friends. While even together with so trying to empathise whether this is a pastime or love, man child together with immature adult woman autumn caput over heels for each other. This is highlighted inward a scene inward a library, where man child together with immature adult woman endeavour to select their feelings silently to each other past times picking upwards the correct mass titles, so delivering the best scene inward the movie. Set inward Thane , western Bharat inward the mid 80’s when cultural together with cast differences were virtually famed, together with honey relationships were even together with so forbidden, TP is a storey that is closer to your heart, peculiarly if yous select lived your childhood inward Mumbai, Thane together with surrounding areas.


  • Acting/Cast: 8
  • Story: 7
  • Music/Sounds:8
  • Overall:7.8