October 21, 2020

True Romance

Title: True Romance
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Cast:   , ,

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Synopsis True Romance 1993 Hollywood Movie
Clarence marries hooker Alabama, steals cocaine from her pimp, in addition to tries to sell it inwards Hollywood, spell the owners of the coke endeavour to reclaim it.

My views
Enough memorable scenes,ultra-violent, foul-mouthed offense thriller alongside popular civilization references galore in addition to talented stars to fuel a one-half a dozen blockbusters. Possibly my favorite cinema of all time, this real does alive upward to its championship in addition to presents inwards my withdraw heed ane of the truest romances in that place tin move always be, fictional or otherwise.
‘True Romance’ is a deliciously pulpy romp that saw manager Tony Scott convey a smoothen visual sheen to an early on Quentin Tarantino script. While the championship suggests images of kisses, hugs, asset hands, in addition to heartfelt human emotion, the cinema instead bombards the audience alongside images of blazing guns, roughshod beatings, in addition to lots of gushing blood spell telling a twisted in addition to entertaining tale of outlaw lovers on the run.
“People choose asked me: ‘So would you lot always create a romance movie?’ similar that’s non what I would do. ‘Well, I did a romantic movie, True Romance.’ ‘No, no, I hateful similar a existent romantic movie.’ ‘Well that is a existent romantic movie.’ ‘No, similar ane without violence?’ ‘Well in that place volition locomote a lot of things inwards whatsoever moving-picture demo I create that volition locomote contradictory, simply anybody who’s a fan of the moving-picture demo tin move say you, the championship – True Romance – is non ironic…this is truthful romance.'” – Quentin Tarantino.


  • Acting/Cast: 8
  • Story: 8
  • Music/Sounds: 8
  • Overall: 8